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How do the cryptocurrencies work How do the cryptocurrencies work? Posted by Peter

Centralization and decentralization are the two key definitions when we are to compare traditional currencies with the new, alternative ones. Fiat currencies, the ones we use in our everyday lives, were traditionally introduced and backed by government. It means that the government controls the flow and it grants the value. As a result

How to acquire cryptocurrency? How to acquire cryptocurrency? Posted by Peter

There are a lot of factors one ought to take into account, starting from the type of cryptocurrency you are looking for, the quantity of it, and where do you live. Before you even start wondering about that things, you have to answer yourself few, rather simple questions. Do you live in a country that did not ban purchasing digital currency

What is Blockchain? What is Blockchain? Posted by Peter

Everyone, who is looking for online earing methods and new investments, has heard about crypto currency. It is a brand new digital currency that has been slowly revolutionizing the market for almost 10 years now. Everything started from Bitcoin, pretty known currency. Some time ago its value amounted around several dollars. Now, after several years

How can you earn with crypto signals? How can you earn with crypto signals? Posted by Peter

Nowadays the market of trading, investments, and exchange have expanded greatly thanks to the occurrence of new technology in the form of Blockchain and everything that follows it. As a result of new technology being introduced to the stream of Internet, new opportunities have arisen. We mean here Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other

What is bitcoin? What is bitcoin? Posted by Peter

To put it simple, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world, also known as a digital currency. It was introduced in 2009, so it is almost ten years on the market. Still, some people haven’t realized how influential this cryptocurrency can be. The main purpose of Bitcoin is to use is as alternative payment method for such standard currencies

Will Bitcoin replace payment cards? Will Bitcoin replace payment cards? Posted by Peter

Bitcoin, often referred to as digital gold, was intended to be also a means of payment. Is Bitcoin likely to replace commonly used credit cards and become the method of payment on global scale? Let us have a look at the current situation and see whether it is possible or not.

Will cryptocurrencies increase? Will cryptocurrencies increase? Posted by Peter

In recent days the CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao and the co-creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterik, shared quite interesting thoughts. They speculated about the possibilities of acquiring thousand-fold increases on the market of cryptocurrencies. Is it possible?

How to additionally secure a crypto wallet? How to additionally secure a crypto wallet? Posted by Peter

It doesn’t matter where you decide to store your money. It may be highly recommended bank, a safe in your home, or a socket in your drawer. There is still a risk of losing your money. The same thing concerns cryptocurrency. However, there are plenty of websites and blogs that share methods that help us in keeping a very high level of protection of our wallets

Telegram with its own Blockchain platform? Telegram with its own Blockchain platform? Posted by Peter

One of the most popular messaging applications on the market, namely Telegram, is about to release the main-net and token for its platform Telegram Open Network. TON is a block-chain based platform that will appear on the market not earlier than in March 2019. A source that provides us with this information is known to be close to Telegram founder and CEO Pavel Durov.

Inside the group chats pump and dump Inside the group chats pump and dump Posted by Peter

Once in a while, the group of thousands of users decide to purchase at the same time one small, insignificant altcoin. It usually takes place at 2 PM ET. After several seconds, when the value of this altcoin goes higher than anyone could expect, they resell them, making profits and at the same time becoming cryptocurrency bandits.

Why Does The Future Lie With P2P Economies The future lie in P2P Economies Posted by Peter

Many years ago Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies were regarded as a toy for computer geeks. However, with time, more and more people believed that cryptocurrencies are not just a simple device to have fun with, but also a very serious device that, in many cases, can multiply your funds even by a hundred.

Learn more about Crypto Informator com learn more about us Posted by Peter

Cryptoinformator is a service whose main task is to explore the world of cryptocurrencies and help in the assessment of reliable sources of knowledge, investment and trading in digital currencies. For many years, our international team has been thoroughly analyzing all websites

Mining Bitcoin - a glimpse into the future Mining Bitcoin - a glimpse into the future Posted by Peter

Not many people realize but some time ago Bitcoin blockchain, one of the most popular cryptocurrency and crypto technologies available out there, hit a gigantic milestone. In April this year, people managed to mine 17 millionth BTC. Why is this even such a big deal? One of the most obvious reasons is that there is only 4 million Bitcoin to mine left.

Satoshi Nakamoto in question - who is he? Satoshi Nakamoto in question - who is he? Posted by Peter

It was almost a decade ago when the first cryptocurrency network appeared. Satoshi Nakamoto, the author of Bitcoin, mined the first block, which now is known as the block zero. It happened on January 3rd, 2009, and it started one of the biggest revolutions in the network technology.

The most effective hacks for crypto exchange Most effective hacks for crypto exchange Posted by Peter

Cryptocurrency exchanges have always been a great treat for hackers, bots, and unofficial software used for either stealing money or simply messing with the officials. Of course the main reason for crypto exchange hack to appear is to steal money and as you know, there is plenty of money to steal.

Quality movies on cryptocurrency Quality movies on cryptocurrency Posted by Peter

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is one of the most popular economy novelties and it becomes much more popular with each day, there are still many ordinary people who do not know anything about that particular element. What is more, BTC has got a mysterious aura around itself, being an extremely valuable,

Tokenization – everything you need to know Tokenization – everything you need to know Posted by Peter

Before we explain anything that is connected with Tokenization and the process of turning real things into digital ones, it is necessary to understand the entire concept hiding behind this. Imagine that you have a business that is worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

How to use crypto signals? Step by step guide How to use crypto signals? Posted by Peter

If you found this article, then you are certainly a beginning trader or a man who is currently wondering whether cryptocurrency itself is the right thing for you. Let me calm you down – everyone was on the very same place as you now. Some delved more into the world of digital currencies,

Everything you need to know about Libra Everything you need to know about Libra Posted by Peter

The moment Libra came to the light, it became one of the most important topic both in the world of mainstream media as well as in the business world. What is more, it was also widely commented by regulators as well as politics, including American House of Representatives.

Lightning Network – what is it? Lightning Network – what is it? Posted by Peter

Commonly abbreviated to LN, the Lightning Network is an idea that first appeared in 2015. There are two men who are responsible for coming up with this concept. Joseph Poon and Thaddeus Dryja wanted to create a type of payment protocol that won’t be on the main part of the blockchain.

Getting to know Ethereum Getting to know Ethereum Posted by Peter

We already learned a lot about the first and the most popular cryptocurrency in the world – Bitcoin. Now the time has come to talk more about the second most important cryptocurrency, namely Ethereum. As you know, Bitcoin was the first. It was the pioneer of new technology and new approach to money and its transfer.

Brave browser is partnering with Everipedia Brave browser is partnering with Everipedia Posted by Peter

Brave is a browser based on blockchain technology. It allows its users to block unwanted advertisements. If we wish to turn them off entirely, we can pay for it by simply watching ad content first. Brave also rewards the content authors in the Internet...

Everything about 125x Leverage in Binance Future All about Leverage in Binance Future Posted by Peter

Binance Futures has quite successful beginning. Although the page launched only a month ago, they are now one of the most popular and surely one of the fastest growing binance trading market in the world. One of the latest novelties that they introduced...

Crypto Trading Signal Services – how to use Crypto Trading Signal Services – how use Posted by Peter

Trading with Bitcoin and all other altcoins is not as easy as it may seem. Although there is a huge potential for profits, we should bear in mind that cryptocurrency exchange is unlike any other out there. Yes, there are some similarities to forex exchange and to some...

The differences in crypto trading signals The differences in crypto trading signals Posted by Peter

If you are a beginner in crypto trading, then you have to brace yourself. There are plenty of things that novice traders need to learn. It includes, among other things, strategies, types of analysis, and of course psychology behind trading as well as a number...

Why is good to follow crypto trading signals Why is good to follow crypto signals Posted by Peter

A lot of professional traders use crypto trading signals. They are also known as crypto calls and put it as simple as it is possible, this is just a suggestion that a professional trader shares with others. Obviously, as in case of all ideas or suggestions...

Cryptocurrency recycling Cryptocurrency recycling Posted by Peter

HODL is a term that appeared in the world of cryptocurrency quite a long time ago. Today a lot of people believe that in a long-term, this is one of the best strategy for crypto trading you can choose. However, did you know that HODLING is not...

How do we understand arbitrage trading? How do we understand arbitrage trading? Posted by Peter

Arbitrage trading is a very interesting way of trading. It basically makes use of anomalies in the value of a selected unit between one exchange and the other. When we notice the imbalance between two markets, we can make profit out of it. To put it simply...

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