Cryptoinformator is a service whose main task is to explore the world of cryptocurrencies and help in the assessment of reliable sources of knowledge, investment and trading in digital currencies. For many years, our international team has been thoroughly analyzing all websites, websites dedicated to Bitcoin and all altcoins and currencies in the ICO phase. In a blockchain-based environment, nothing can surprise us, and we can easily verify every new item. The experience we have is the result of a good knowledge of the market, interest in it and in principle, everyday life related to information about cryptocurrencies. It is not only a job but also a deepening passion.

We are not only observers but also actively participate in investments and trading. Thanks to this, we are able to convey our knowledge in a clear way, without any problems indicating the best exchanges that we have used, or the best groups with signals in which we are or were subscribers. Everything we learn will be communicated to you, dear users on the pages of our website, whose structure with each month is expanded, so that the whole is more convenient for you, easier to use and provides even more thematic knowledge.

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We have many plans, ideas, implementation of which requires time and application of outstanding solutions. Therefore, we are constantly expanding the team, employing professionals in many fields. From graphic designers to specialized blockchain technology programmers. You can be sure that in the near future you will receive from us many useful tools, additions that will make it easier for you to get to know and analyze all the important rules on the market. We will automate and develop what has hitherto been difficult or impossible to understand.

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Can you join the team?

We are open to new employees and new views. Unfortunately, the recruitment stage is not easy and is associated with having a lot of knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies. This is a prerequisite. In addition, you must have skills that will be useful in the further development of the website. Of course, you can always send us your CV. We will be happy to see them and assess whether Crypto Informator would like to go to the next stage of discussions about your employment.

How long has the Cryptoinformator been on the Internet?

We set up our website in 2017, but this is not the beginning of our creation. In the subject, we are definitely longer, and 2017 was simply a decision-making period in which we jointly undertook an ambitious and developmental project.

Do you want to create your own signal group?

We have sincerely thought about this on many occasions, but ultimately we unanimously stated that this is not the field in which we feel our best. We do not have the courage to manage someone's budget. This is an ideal topic for teams that focus solely on analysis and are confident in their choices. We use a few trusted groups ourselves and we will stay on that.

Can I advertise with you?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. In its assumptions, the Cryptoinformator only has knowledge sharing, which we have verified ourselves. What we describe on the site is checked and trusted. If you are ever interested in your project and we come to your website - we will certainly test and let everyone know what we think about it. We note that we are not interested in any kind of monetary form of cooperation.