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Brave browser is partnering with Everipedia – a blockchain encyclopedia

Brave is a browser based on blockchain technology. It allows its users to block unwanted advertisements. If we wish to turn them off entirely, we can pay for it by simply watching ad content first. Brave also rewards the content authors in the Internet, what is possibility due to its internal cryptocurrency – Basic Attention Token (BAT). The browser is about to increase its popularity even further thanks to the partnership with Everipedia – an encyclopaedia that is based on blockchain technology.

What Everipedia is all about?

Everipedia is a decentralized encyclopaedia, which is based on EOS blockchain. It has the ambition of becoming Wikipedia of newer generation and at the same time the greatest encyclopaedia in the world. The projefct is based on the internal token known as IQ Token, which is used to reward users for their contribution in the development of the content of Everipedia.

Everyone can become the creator of articles and entries posted there. Token holders decide which content will be published by voting. The thing that distinguishes Everipedia from Wikipedia and other similar pages is its decentralized nature. It is not up to small group of people to decide whether an entry or a post will be published, as it is in case of Wikipedia. In such system, almost 99% of all submitted entries are rejected. Importantly, Everipedia offers us access to all materials published on Wikipedia. Decentralization means that there will be no censorship. Everipedia is available in such countries as China, Turkey, or Iran.

Everipedia is also characterized by a more user-friendly and transparent design. The table of contents is palced at the very beginning of an entry as a dropw-down menu. The sources used in the article are also much more visible. What is more, everything is interactive, namely we can post a comment and begin a discussion on a selected section. Famous people can have their verified profiles and interact with users.

What can we say about Brave browser?

Brave Browser offers us a completely unique and brand new way of browsing Internet pages. They care about our privacy and reduce the number of advertisements by either reducing the most annoying ones or even completely removing them. What is more, Brave takes care of trackers. They will no longer invigilate us and follow our activity.

It is also very important to notice that Brave was also based on Chromium project – the same project on which Google Chrome and Opera works. By default, this blockchain browser blocks tracker and additional advertisements. As a result, it is much faster than any other standard browsing application available out there. We should also remember that we will find here a number of highly advanced security functions (including mandatory SSL protocol). Thanks to that, the users will no longer be vulnerable for losing data, being deceived, or robbed.

Let us not forget about the fact that Brave Browser is going to offer us much better performance and less consumption of RAM and CPU. As a result, we will never experience optimization or compatibility problems. Yet another reason why it is a good idea to use Brave is the fact that it works on the improved version of Chromium. In other words, we will be able to use most of additions and plugins that Google Web Store offered us. It means that all the improvements and enhancements from Chrome will be compatible with this browser.

Brave browser will reach millions of Everipedia users

The cooperation of these two will mainly focus on increasing the recognition of mutual brands. Everipedia will offer articles that present Brave and its entire ecosystem, whereas Brave users, who decided to have ads displayed, will watch material that promote Everipedia.

Noteworthy is the fact that Brave browser could recently boast about a record number of active users that exceeded 8 million per month. What is more, the clickthrough rate for displayed ads was 14%, what is a seven times better result than the average in this type of market. Interestingly, the popularity growth of this browser is particularly high in Japan. There, it is the most popular application of this type in the Google Play store.

Brave exceeded existing industry leaders such as Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. What is more, in Spain this browser climbed to 10 place among the most popular application in the Play Store in general.

Brendan Eich, who is the CEO of Brave, has high hopes for the cooperation with Everipedia, which at this moment is used by millions of users. The person that is responsible for creating Brave was also one of the founders Mozilla and the creator of Mozilla Firefox browser. The CEO himself also talks about the partnership with Everipedia. He says that “This partnership highlights the importance of innovative products that reward users for their participation and attention. Thanks to cooperation with Everipedia, we will use the power of Blockchain to make sure that users can control their experience”.

Summary and conclusion

The partnership between these two companies is certainly very interesting not only from the users point of view. It also opens us a lot of investment options and the chance to gain profits from two rapidly growing industries that focus on one thing – to make cryptocurrency-based Internet as popular as it is popular. The cooperation between Brave and Everipedia will bring only positive things for both parties. Mutual promotion and support will definitely profit in the near future.