Our investments ($2504):
  • • packages for 3 months and then lifetime - total $1504
  • • we started with a capital of $1000
  • Total profit after six months using
    CryptoAlarm services ↘
  • $53090.49 - $2504 = $50586.49
Crypto Alarm it is a Telegram crypto group. Our tests began 3 months ago while the market was in huge fluctuations. Despite that, our opinions are positive. The authors of the project provide their clients with all necessary information. Thanks to that we know what to do in decline and increase periods on digital currency market. It is not possible to see all “stop loss” signals or targets. We know it is considered a drawback for some of you, but we didn’t notice any issues because of that. When we subscribed to them, we were provided with one signal for purchasing, and then another one for selling. It’s worth to add they do not copy or steal signals from others. Another advantage is the lack of “pump & dump” type of signals. All in all, signals are very effective, and our investment in the project paid out after several hours.

We should praise the support, which operates all the time. They provided us with the answer on all our questions. As for the people responsible for the project, they can boast with vast knowledge and experience in terms of cryptocurrency area of expertise and other aspects. Gathered information let us learn more about their own application that will help the process related to signal flow and cryptocurrencies in general. There is one thing missing – ICO projects signals.

This is a great project that lets you receive efficient crypto signals. They also give you huge chunk of data regarding current values. That is why we believe Crypto Alarm is interesting option to choose.

September 2018 Update:

The team is constantly working and developing. We talked to them several times in the chat and We are sure that responsible for the whole project are knowledgeable analysts. We also happy about the fact that they are able to cope during bear-market. The last months were the best test for what they can propose. Cooperation with CryptoAlarm is ended with satisfied profit every month. Sometimes there are several days of downtime in giving crypto signals, which is not surprising at all. They assume that it is worth providing information about signals, which can actually bring profits, rather than give anything and wait for a loss.

Summary: After our six months cooperation with CryptoAlarm we are sure, the investment in access packages to this crypto group, is well-spent money.

December 2018 Update:

We still use the services of this group. Results from October and November were included in the statement and the chart. They still provide great quality of services.

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MichaelS0x1001 · GUEST
Does the extra +5 days given to them on the site really work? was anyone checking? and one more thing ... with the draw of free packages, fake or not fake?
Reply · 01 FEB 2018

  Peter · ADMIN
@MichaelS0x1001 - we noticed that they giving free packages every month. We don't invited any people, so we don't know it's works or not.
Reply · 08 FEB 2018

Dimitrij101 · GUEST
@MichaelS0x1001 im received +5 days per every invited user
Reply · 11 FEB 2018

John · GUEST
for me too expensive
Reply · 04 FEB 2018

the lack of a stop loss can actually interfere???
Reply · 08 FEB 2018

Gegen · GUEST
@RRRRRR no, it does not bother me
Reply · 10 FEB 2018

Rymcymcym · GUEST
@RRRRRR absolutely not
Reply · 11 FEB 2018

Gonzales · GUEST
I have been using their signals since January :-) They send too much mid-term signals, but they delivering really good quality of service.
Reply · 21 FEB 2018

Dominik · GUEST
@Gonzales their long-term and mid-term signals, secure my capital very well in a way. vouch +1
Reply · 22 FEB 2018

Kamo199x · GUEST
i bought subscription for 3 months, after first month +70% profit, nice! thanks for review
Reply · 03 MAR 2018

@Kamo199x i have +33% after first week xD
Reply · 04 MAR 2018

Paweł Dobrysz · GUEST
Very good quality of service. They know what they are doing.
Reply · 07 MAR 2018

Trumpan · GUEST
Use "@traupman" name in purchasing form, you will receive free +5 days
Reply · 10 MAR 2018

@Trumpan thx man ;)
Reply · 12 MAR 2018

Grzegorz · GUEST
@Trumpan thank you man, they add me 5 days
Reply · 14 MAR 2018

Piotr · GUEST
@Trumpan I'm bought access today and used your ref :D
Reply · 15 MAR 2018

StefanW · GUEST
very good signals and a quick return on investment
Reply · 19 MAR 2018

volglr · GUEST
How much money I have to have to use their signals
Reply · 24 MAR 2018

Fabri · GUEST
it depends how much you can lose
Reply · 27 MAR 2018

Gerard21 · GUEST
@Fabri - absolutely!
Reply · 29 MAR 2018

wojtasss100 · GUEST
how long does the packet return take? : )
Reply · 11 APR 2018

gbnzx · GUEST
@wojtasss100 - it depends you are idiot or not, if not your investment should return very quickly
Reply · 20 APR 2018

flo00rian · GUEST
i would like to tell you, their signals are really profitable. Inside we are able to find really good signals, additionally they have knowledge on really high level, I talk with them sometimes and they are helpful. Vouch ++++++
Reply · 23 MAY 2018

John John · GUEST
Posso ricevere informazioni in italiano? Non conosco l'inglese e mi piacerebbe sapere cosa scrivono :)
Reply · 27 MAY 2018

  Peter · ADMIN
@John John - sfortunatamente, da quello che so, forniscono segnali solo in polacco e inglese.
Reply · 29 MAY 2018

Pvvtq · GUEST
vouch good investment return, great service
Reply · 25 JUL 2018

Petongk · GUEST
I'm happy subscriber of Crypto alarm :] Thx for your review bro
Reply · 11 SEP 2018

marius · GUEST
2themoon is better for me....
Reply · 19 SEP 2018

Wojasek9 · GUEST
They have any automation bot? I don't have much time for manual work
Reply · 20 OCT 2018

I hate crypto and I don't want your reviews... Really
Reply · 25 OCT 2018

SamPaga-v · GUEST
Their signal with information about btc drop is epic... They secure my money. Thank you for telling me about Crypto Alarm. Can I make donation for you?
Reply · 15 NOV 2018

    Our investments ($2598):
  • • packages for 3 months and then 24 months - total $1598
  • • we started with a capital of $1000
  • Total profit after six months using
    2TheMoon services ↘
  • $49278.36 - $2598 = $46680.36
2TheMoon provides us with incredibly interesting name, fitting design of the site, and obviously immaculate quality of delivered signals. Although we can’t promise your funds will reach the moon, it is still an interesting offer. It took us two months to test all the features of the project. During this time, we learned a lot about bull and bear market as well as other elements of the service. Similarly to previous service, this team is well-acquainted with all the novelties and interesting facts regarding cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, there is no photos with analysis. Because of that, we can hope that the signals we get are not made up, but based on announced events and well-thought speculations. While receiving signals, we felt like the authors knew what’s going to happen. Since they boast with their connections and accesses to sources of different origin, we believe there’s some truth in what they say. Let’s not forget about the fact that we received ICO project signals once a week, what is a great upside.

Telegram is a communicator we use to receive the signals. Guys, who work in the support center help a lot and they don’t keep us waiting. After max 6 hours you will receive information regarding your advanced inquiry, you can contact them through e-mail. Also use the chat and get a response sooner for less demanding questions.

The possibility to pay for subscription in different ways is yet another upside you should take into account. If you decide to choose longer subscription, you will save up some money, what will certainly facilitate your financial situation.

We believe that 2TheMoon is incredibly interesting telegram crypto group with many advantages. It can promise you a profit even in a bad situation on the market. The subscription package on three months was already returned after two days!

September 2018 Update:

From the very beginning we noticed that 2TheMoon is focusing on a selected group of cryptocurrencies. Nothing happens here by accident. They completely pass smaller projects that are susceptible to high drops or high increases. They make profits on stable projects. We admire with that they have a unique knowledge of when to publish the signal in order to realize the targets in a short time. Undoubtedly, experienced experts are responsible for this. The last 6 months are about 3-5 strong crypto signals a week. We earning huge money every month using their crypto advices.

Summary: About 85% success in last six months - it's awesome result in bear-market. We can't wait to see how much profit we will do in bull-market.

December 2018 Update:

We still use the services of this group. Results from October and November were included in the statement and the chart. They still provide great quality of services.

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Rumm · GUEST
btc price for end of year?
Reply · 07 JAN 2018

  Peter · ADMIN
@Rumm - This is not the place for discussions on this subject.
Reply · 08 JAN 2018

Wojciech · GUEST
what ico they recommend :D?
Reply · 10 JAN 2018

  Peter · ADMIN
@Wojciech - Unfortunately, we do not provide such information. If you want to see, just join them.
Reply · 12 JAN 2018

Wojciech · GUEST
@Peter - just tell me, they signals for ico are succeed;)
Reply · 27 JAN 2018

  Peter · ADMIN
@Wojciech - Yes definitely.
Reply · 29 JAN 2018

Wojciech · GUEST
@Peter - ok, thx man
Reply · 03 FEB 2018

G1234 · GUEST
I'm thinking about joining the group :]
Reply · 05 FEB 2018

Romek · GUEST
@G1234 - Great group, recommend.
Reply · 11 FEB 2018

qwwerty · GUEST
@G1234 - same here. I doubled my cash after a month.
Reply · 12 FEB 2018

to the mooooooooon
Reply · 16 FEB 2018

Tomek · GUEST
@XXX I also go to the rocket, see what they can do :D
Reply · 20 FEB 2018

Qxcc · GUEST
@XXX let me know later mate
Reply · 21 FEB 2018

Lena · GUEST
can i lose my money if I buy a subscription?
Reply · 17 APR 2018

Cz44z · GUEST
@Lena Yes and no, buy access and be patient, for sure you can make some profit but don't be greedy
Reply · 22 APR 2018

kavOOs · GUEST
i make a lot of money with them, don't waste your chance ;]
Reply · 20 MAY 2018

empty · GUEST
Cool crypto signaling calls, I'm inside few crypto groups but 2themoon is the best
Reply · 11 JUN 2018

kkkot · GUEST
There is somebody to buy access with me? i want save some money
Reply · 23 JUN 2018

MachineL · GUEST
@kkkot lol, if you can't afford it, just leave us.. it's not for you, really
Reply · 14 JUL 2018

lets make more money!!! thx
Reply · 23 SEP 2018

Reply · 26 SEP 2018

9vvv0v · GUEST
interesting group, I will think about joining...
Reply · 23 SEP 2018

Kamusz · GUEST
I hate Telegram.... why they can't use other solutions??!
Reply · 14 OCT 2018

OThomas147 · GUEST
Which group I should use ?
Reply · 17 NOV 2018

    Our investments ($3300):
  • • packages for 1 month and then lifetime - total $2300
  • • we started with a capital of $1000
  • Total profit after six months
    using Luxury Crypto Club services ↘
  • $58694.43 - $3300 = $55394.43
Luxury Crypto Club is one in its kind. This is the only group that imposes limitation as far as the number of members is concerned. There are two ways of joining the club. We can either choose one-month or three-month subscription (the number of members for this type of subscription is 70), or we can choose the “FOREVER” package with up to 30 members. When we subscribed to the group, there were 44 people in the group. Their idea is really interesting. It is worth to add that they cost quite a lot. Still, the limited number of “entries” is a great way to set higher prices.

For the whole month we have been testing Luxury Crypto Club. The service was one big mystery to us. Even though the results they provided us with on the home page can astonish us, we still needed to see it on our own eyes. Once we joined, we were able to have a look at everything that’s going around inside. When we saw, we quickly figured out that we want the subscription forever. The signals they share are characterized by high effectiveness. Now it’s second month that we are testing it and even though the market was in a difficult situation, we can say that the signals were legit in 80-90% of cases. It is one of the best results.

Except for crypto signals, we can also see a lot of novelties from the world of cryptocurrencies. What’s more, if you are interested in ICO signals, you will find them here. It is necessary to have Telegram communicator in order to collect signals. Use e-mail address or Skype application to contact the support.

We believe these are one of the groups you should bear in mind. Their services definitely aid operations on digital currency exchange for variety of people. If you were ask us, we know that all 100 places will soon enough be taken. We decide to buy access forever.

September 2018 Update:

After several months of using their services, we are sure it's very good and stable project. The advantage of the group is the game on increases and decreases on Bitmex. Thanks to this, we achieve a great profits during the bear-market. This is the only group offering such signals from among those that we had the opportunity to test. They convinced us very fast to purchase a lifetime access. Our investment in the purchase of the package in every time was returned in the same month. Effectiveness of signals in the last six months is great. We received approx from two - three crypto signals every week. Each time we had an average of a few hours for move.

Summary: After a few months of observation them, we are sure, they have access for insider details about increases and decreases. This explains why the number of slots in group is limited.

December 2018 Update:

We still use the services of this group. Results from October and November were included in the statement and the chart. They still provide great quality of services.

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Andy10021990 · GUEST
Thank you for the review. Since last week I'm happy member of this Club.
Reply · 07 JAN 2018

quite expensive... but tempting :D
Reply · 07 JAN 2018

John01 · GUEST
I'm in the club before you've written a review. I honestly recommend. For sure we will see soon 100/100 members, cause of this review.
Reply · 11 JAN 2018

Greedz · GUEST
I do not know which group to decide.. xD
Reply · 08 FEB 2018

Robert · GUEST
@Greedz I joined every group, great tools :-)
Reply · 21 FEB 2018

Vulcano · GUEST
@Robert mate I have the same as you :DD
Reply · 26 FEB 2018

Tymon · GUEST
unfortunately too expensive :/
Reply · 01 MAR 2018

GregoryC · GUEST
The investment in access was return to me quickly, I have nothing to attach to. I am glad that I am a member of this group :D GLHF!!!!
Reply · 06 MAR 2018

GregoryC · GUEST
I hope to join this group next month. Unfortunately, I have no money now...
Reply · 10 MAR 2018

hahah what prices :O
Reply · 11 MAR 2018

  Peter · ADMIN
@LOL - we had the opportunity to test other groups, much more expensive, which did not even grow up to the Luxury Crypto Club quality. I think we will do some more reviews in the future titled "5 worst signal groups", but not yet.
Reply · 12 MAR 2018

Gntlmn · GUEST
someone else tested it?
Reply · 14 MAR 2018

Stanley · GUEST
@Gntlmn I have been using it for several weeks
Reply · 18 MAR 2018

Witold Ters · GUEST
I do not believe that they will close the possibility of joining the group ;)
Reply · 15 MAR 2018

Looks really good, I will think about it
Reply · 09 MAY 2018

pompom · GUEST
a lot of money to risk :| it's not for me but thanks for the review
Reply · 16 MAY 2018

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx · GUEST
Reply · 17 MAY 2018

qrwa · GUEST
I do not know where they have information and why they share it, but they are effective, even very...
Reply · 18 MAY 2018

Nissanc · GUEST
@qrwa Yeaah - lot of rare calls, hope they close availability for join new users to club.
Reply · 21 JUN 2018

gncc · GUEST
@qrwa Thxxx man for you comment, today joined
Reply · 17 JUL 2018

acf7ef943fdeb3cbfed8dd0d8f584731 · GUEST
Thank you for detailed review, will join in a days.
Reply · 24 JUL 2018

gmnuc · GUEST
Good review, I'm waiting for more tests ;)
Reply · 17 SEP 2018

There is any discount code or something?
Reply · 07 OCT 2018

Boldek · GUEST
They also provide signals for Bitmex?
Reply · 27 NOV 2018

    Our investments ($1395):
  • • package for 3 months - total $395 (€349)
  • • we started with a capital of $1000
  • Total profit after two months using
    Signals Black services ↘
  • $15766.55 - $1395 = $14371.55
Signals Black is a service that we started testing at the beginning of October. We bought 3 months access, after two months we are ready to publish our review regarding this group. Everything looks very professional from the beginning, the presentation on the website looks very inviting. It would seem that this is an illusion that can not be true. Although initially, we approached this group with great distance and disbelief, after the two-month test we are able to say that the services provided are really at a very high level.

The signals, knowledge and various interesting information they provided to us deserve applause. Despite the really bad condition of the market in recent days, we have been informed about the possible decrease (Nov 13). There were two options - earning money on drop or exit to a safe place (USDT). Bearing in mind the considerable successes that we have achieved thanks to Signals Black in October 2018, we decided to trust them and use the signal informing about the drop.

You certainly know how it ended - another good hit. We would like to inform you that the money we have earned on Bitmex is not included in our statement and chart. Many of our readers are looking for the standard crypto signals on which Bitmex signals are usually not given. We do not want to mislead anyone. For experienced traders and people who use Bitmex on a daily basis, this report will certainly be enough.

Crypto signals are sent using the Telegram messenger. Through it, we receive signals, notifications about achieved targets, as well as general information.
Each signal they send includes:
  • targets value
  • stop-loss value
  • crypto exchange (where to buy)
When it comes to organizational matters and contact with Support, it has always been good. Answers to our questions (even very difficult ones) were always reasonable. The Signals Black team can boast of considerable experience and knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies (not necessarily related to signals).

At the moment, that's all. We will be updating this review in January. If all the time the services will provide at such a high level, Signals Black certainly has a chance to achieve a high position on our podium.

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    Our investments ($1525):
  • • package for 1 month and then 3 months - total $525
  • • we started with a capital of $1000
  • Total profit after four months using
    Prooofit services ↘
  • $1477.58 - $1525 = -$47.42
Prooofit is yet another project that we tested for a month. First thing that caught our eye was the professionalism of the group. At the beginning we weren’t assuming anything and didn’t think there will be some profits out of it. What a surprise did this project prepare for us. We could hope for essential information from the start, without any fillers or unimportant data. Thanks to avoiding smaller volume cryptocurrencies, we could hope for more stable profit. Of course as a result we weren’t receiving 30% increase in a day very often. But because of that, the declines weren’t so hard to cope with. Their signals included targets and stop-loss, which is much wanted nowadays. While testing Prooofit, we could see the average of two signals every day. Of course it’s not much, but despite that they provided us with quite interesting income that pleased us.

You are going to install Telegram application in order to get access to signals. As the support is concerned, we can use only e-mail to contact them. Still, they were able to contact us within 3-6 hours.

Prooofit is a great service that offers us great quality cryptocurrency predictions without the need of playing short-term. Even though you shouldn’t expect great profits, but these guys offer you something much more important, legit and verified signals. It looks promising for us, so we'll probably buy another access to extend the tests.

September 2018 Update:

This is group from which we are not happy unfortunely. At first everything looked very promising, but three months ago we decided that it did not make sense and we stopped. The frequency of the signals given has decreased every month, the effectiveness of signals was approx 30%, and the support has become even more poor. In four months of using their signals we received approx 1-2 crypto signals every week, sometimes every few weeks. Initially some signals was correct and we gain some profit, but bear-market finally destroy their 'sure signals' and promising profits was changed to lose. Now we are believe that it is a pity to invest in access to Prooofit to be able to use their cryptocurrency predictions.

Summary: In a nutshell - we advise against using Prooofit services in bear-market, knowing that there are better, more reliable crypto signals groups, tested by us. Bear verified clearly they services not as good as we described before.

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what results they gains in bear market?
Reply · 28 DEC 2017

  Peter · ADMIN
@KmmmIL - They inform about good moments of transition from altcoins to BTC, about possible passes from BTC to USDT. They try to maximally minimize losses. An impressive premonition about the behavior of Bitcoin.
Reply · 01 JAN 2018

@Peter thanks. it sounds interesting :)
Reply · 03 JAN 2018

Vladek · GUEST
can someone write something more about them?
Reply · 03 FEB 2018

Barbra · GUEST
this group is ok for beginners?
Reply · 08 FEB 2018

  Peter · ADMIN
It should not be bad, but for beginners we recommend Crypto Alarm service.
Reply · 10 FEB 2018

Anonymous · GUEST
Really good quality of signals. Only stable profits without huge jumps.
Reply · 20 FEB 2018

Tomek · GUEST
@Anonymous i have only bittrex account, it will be ok?
Reply · 02 MAR 2018

  Peter · ADMIN
@Tomek 70% of received by us signals were available at Bittrex.
Reply · 02 MAR 2018

22222222222 · GUEST
any discounts??
Reply · 11 MAR 2018

Indyk · GUEST
@22222222222 LOL :D your investment in package will be returned to you in approx 2-3 days max, dont worry
Reply · 12 MAR 2018

21222222 · GUEST
@Indyk and how much can I earn in a month from $1K?
Reply · 12 MAR 2018

  Peter · ADMIN
@21222222 Who knows... It depending on market situation.
Reply · 12 MAR 2018

gvXz · GUEST
@Peter I have been using it for 3 weeks and I am very happy thanks to your good job :) can I donate for you?
Reply · 14 MAR 2018

uuuu · GUEST
very impressive, i have to try it
Reply · 16 MAR 2018

where can i see any report from last months?
Reply · 16 MAR 2018

  Peter · ADMIN
@QWERTY You can write to them and ask for it.
Reply · 16 MAR 2018

member · GUEST
I'm happy member since March, guys are really helpful. They make profits in bear market too, I love them....
Reply · 19 JUN 2018

Борис · GUEST
вы знаете российскую группу с сигналами?
Reply · 13 JUL 2018

    Our investments ($1149):
  • • package for 2 months - total $149
  • • we started with a capital of $1000
  • Total profit after two months using
    Authentic Signals services ↘
  • $151.39 - $1149 = -$997.61
Authentic Signals is the first group that we checked especially for you. At the beginning of August, one of the users asked us to thoroughly analyze the signals from this group. We purchased the 60-day package and today the subscription time has ended. It was more than enough to thoroughly get to know the activities of the team if we can even talk about a “team” here. We have never had such a tragic contact with the authors in our history before. All the questions we asked were left unanswered. It is a huge obstacle for new traders, who would like to know a thing or two about the way the market works and all other things related to digital currencies. As for signals themselves – we receive 1-2 signals a week. They are marked as short/mid/long and they contain 2-3 targets per signal. According to our rule, we opened each signal and set target for them (a total of 15 signals within 2 months). At this moment, the situation is as follows: we closed 3 crypto signals on the target 2 level and 3 signals on the target 1 level. None of the given signals reached the highest expected closure level, and at this moment, most of given positions is currently on the minus.

As a result, throughout 2 months, we haven’t fully closed any signal and 9 signals haven’t reached target 1 level. It is very bad result, which during the testing period showed us how weak and inexperienced this group really is. We do not recommend this group and we are not going to update this entry, since we do not extend the subscription.

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George · GUEST
I agree...
Reply · 03 OCT 2018

    Our investments ($1875):
  • • package for 3 months - total $875
  • • we started with a capital of $1000
  • Total profit after three months using
    Excavo Signals services ↘
  • $376 - $1875 = -$1499
Excavo Signals is a group that we started to test at the beginning of July 2018. We purchased the 3-month package in order to check exactly the signals they provide. We can now introduce you to the activities of the team. We receive signals through Telegram, a communicating tool, with a frequency of about 3-4 weeks. They all match Binance exchange. Most of them are served on a long-term basis, which, given the uncertain market, can be “slightly” justified. They are definitely lacking short-term signals, on which we could effectively increase our funds on a regular basis. We also do not receive information about interesting projects in the ICO phase. This is another minus of this platform. Contact with a support is not the worst. Their respond time on business days is quite efficient. However, in weekends the time we wait for the response is rather longer. In spite of this, it’s possible to have a regular chat. Can you make money with Excavo? Perhaps. At the moment we purchased long-term signals we weren’t able to close yet. So, it is hard to specify how the situation looks like when it comes to longer cooperation.

It’s difficult to recommend the group at this moment. The subscription package amounted to 0.13 BTC. We invested $1000 in 20 another signals and now we are waiting for the results. From $1000 invested at the beginning, we currently have only $376. However, we stay calm, because according to the announcements of the team, everything will go back to normal and we will be making profits.

In spite of this, we believe that there are groups that have done much better in recent months, and the price for the access to the canal is too high when compared to the quality. Obviously, we will update the entry regarding Excavo after some time, maybe their mid-term and long-term signals will be much profitable than now. Surely their short-term signals are not accurate.

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fRogg · GUEST
thank you for the review
Reply · 03 OCT 2018

Why did not you publish this review sooner? I bought access a few days ago...
Reply · 03 OCT 2018

    Our investments ($1712):
  • • package for 6 months - total $712
  • • we started with a capital of $1000
  • Total profit after four months using
    PalmBeachSignals services ↘
  • $47.88 - $1712 = -$1664.12
Palm Beach Signals, they are quite popular guys and we know about them for quite a long time now. They have got a lot of positive reviews and opinions among users. Still, we were asked so many times about the review of this group, so we had to do it.

The situation on the market while testing Palm Beach Signals was rather difficult. We could see a lot of losses in many cryptocurrencies. To be honest, we thought in this period the group won’t give us anything interesting. We were wrong. In these times we received 1 signal every 2/3 days. These signals were closed pretty quickly, but thanks to that we received fairly satisfactory profits. It resulted in gains from a few to several dozens of percent.

As the support service is concerned, we believe they operate on a decent level. Once we purchased the subscription, we were able to use the signals in no time. People from the support center answered our inquiries within 24 hours. Obviously, there’s some place for improvements, but it isn’t tragic. Telegram communicator is used to receive signals.

The group offers a lot of discounts if we decide to purchase longer subscriptions. Briefly speaking, this is a very effective and certainly attractive offer that won’t send you copied signals from other sources. A lot of users will be satisfied with them.

September 2018 Update:

Initially, we was satisfied with the crypto signals given. At the moment we saying that the team could not cope during the declines. We should stop in June but we was decide to try another signals in July, to be sure. Unfortunely every next month was much worst. Contact with the support has included a large regress too. Our messages was ignored, we do not receive any answers. During the subscription, we was receiving cryptocurrency predictions with good frequency, but profit was able maybe max in 10%.

Summary: After four months, we resign before end of access the package and we end adventure with the group. In short, we are disappointed. Very overrated group, bear-market killed them so easy.

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Who don't know Palm Beach :D
Reply · 01 DEC 2017

I'm in this group for a long time, it's ok, but 2themoon works better for me.
Reply · 01 DEC 2017

Robb · GUEST
Sometimes I get information from them about BTC dumps much earlier :)
Reply · 11 DEC 2017

Gavilia · GUEST
@Robb I also noticed, a big plus for them. Several times I managed to earn some money on shorts.
Reply · 20 FEB 2018

It is a pity that they do not advise on how to distribute capital, and that's cool.
Reply · 20 DEC 2017

  Peter · ADMIN
@DJ DFX - It's very understandable, it's quite an individual matter. They have a lot of people in the group and would not be able to advise everyone on this matter. After all, everyone has different capital.
Reply · 10 FEB 2018

Anna · GUEST
Today I bought access, thank you for the review.
Reply · 10 MAR 2018

Борис · GUEST
вы знаете российскую группу с сигналами?
Reply · 13 JUL 2018

Woodyx · GUEST
Someone have telegram bot to use their signals on binance?
Reply · 20 JUL 2018