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Nowadays the market of trading, investments, and exchange have expanded greatly thanks to the occurrence of new technology in the form of Blockchain and everything that follows it. As a result of new technology being introduced to the stream of Internet, new opportunities have arisen. We mean here Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other alternative crypto currencies that let you earn by mining or simply trading the currency on cryptocurrency exchange. It is brand new method of earning money online that is concerned by many people as the most efficient. One of the ways to improve this earning method is thanks to crypto signals. Learn more about cryptocurrency predictions and get to know all the tricks and tips that will grant you large numbers!

But before, what is FUD?

FUD is an abbreviation – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. It is a strategy used by competitors on the market, where they provide false or unclear information about the product. Contrary to what others may think, even when someone knows that the information may not be correct, it plants a seed of doubt, creating confusion in someone’s mind. The reason why everyone knows FUD is real is because we tend to attach to things. A great example of how FUD works is with everyday items we purchase. It may be a new car, new vacuum cleaner, fridge, or if we were to stay near our topic – the purchase of cryptocurrency.

At the very beginning we are satisfied with our purchase. We believe that on the long term, everything will be fine, that we will enjoy our product, or that the cryptocurrency we purchase will not lose its worth. Sadly, once we get into the Internet, we may come across a number of comments of different kind – it takes one opinion that can meddle in our mind, causing us to doubt in the alt coins we possess.

There are some ways thanks to which you will know how to deal with that. The simplest one is acceptation. You need to accept all the consequences that come with your purchase – that something might go wrong. You have to be prepared for all the possibilities. Only then there will be no FUD issue. Of course next to realizing all the pros and cons of your purchase, you can also look for legitimate opinions regarding cryptocurrency predictions. That is why it is sometimes better to focus not on some random feedback posted by unknown, anonymous users on the Internet, but focus on crypto signals that you can find on variety of services.

What is FOMO and how is it connected to FUD?

FUD is just a general feeling of uncertainty regarding the product, whereas FOMO is the abbreviation from Feeling of Missing Out. As the name itself suggests, it is a conviction that in the given moment we miss the opportunity to purchase digital currency for a great price. It is obvious that FOMO itself doesn’t limit to the financial terminology itself. It also refers to everyday situations in our lives. FOMO is one of the main reasons why novice investors and traders lose a lot of their money. It is all caused by the fact that when we are new to the given topic, we are unaware of many constants and things that may take place during one day on the exchange.

The greatest enemy of new traders is access to social media. There, plenty of people, the so-called barkers, tend to share us a number of fake information that won’t in any way help us. Of course we will certainly hear about hundreds of presents of growth. But unfortunately, very often it happens that we get ourselves into bear market, a period that is risky even for the most experienced traders.

What are the ways of dealing with FUD and FOMO?

There are several methods of dealing with anxiety and fear caused by uncertainty regarding cryptocurrency exchange. First of all, we should always focus on following our judgment, and not logic. The reason why it is much better to follow our judgment is because when we compare these two, we can see that following logic, every statement and every decision may seem to be logical and be right. If; however, we decide to believe in wisdom, or else judgment, then we know that the risk is calculated. What’s more, we are fully aware of our decisions and the consequences they may have. It is wisely to make decisions based on facts, and not assumptions or opinions from groups. It is wisely to invest in things we understand.

Yet another method of how to handle with FUD and FOMO is thanks to certainty. Once we are certain of our decisions, then it will be much more difficult for others to manipulate us and have impact on our way of thinking. If we are insecure, then we can consider even the smallest information as crucial. Therefore, we will believe in everything people say and that is why our attitude will always be influenced by every information we receive.

What else can we do? Use cryptocurrency predictions!

Third and probably the best method of dealing with FUD and FOMO is crypto signals. This is very sophisticated facilitation that, when used correctly, can assure stable and problem free income from our investments. There will be no more problems with missed opportunities, no more problems with insecurity connected to small knowledge regarding investing, and uncertainty, that is responsible for most of bad decisions we make during trading.

How do crypto signals work?

Cryptocurrency signals is nothing more than just an information from an experienced investor or group of investors about incoming changes on the market. Some people can earn thousands of dollars during one session. Others are capable of losing even more in several hours. In order to avoid the latter, we should either spend hundreds of hours on learning all the things regarding our product of interest or simply believe in others – their experience, knowledge, and their judgement. It is an interesting solution, because people responsible for crypto signals usually have undisputed authority and respect of others. If they wish to be on top, they have to take care of that respect, and what is the best way to do that? By simply sharing signals that will later on result in enormous profits.

What are legitimate sources of cryptocurrency predictions?

Here, some of you may come into an obstacle. Even though signals regarding cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, the number of legitimate services that provide us with accurate predictions is the same. That is why we should watch out on scammers and fake forums, where we can read huge and extensive deductions and assumptions regarding specific cryptocurrency. In addition to that, there will be a lot of people, who are unaware of many aspects concerning cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, their opinions, even though not necessarily wrong on purpose, may mislead us and cause more trouble than it is all worth.

That is why it is better to seek for trusted signal providers and companies that are on the market for quite a long time. Another good idea is to look for positive feedback regarding specific services. However, here as well we have to watch out for comments that were either purchased or offer us advertisements. In other words, we should restrict ourselves to the biggest, the most popular, and therefore the most trusted signalmen there are. Only then did we have the guarantee that the signals we are going to listen are truthful and are likely to be accurate.

Why would people spend their time on giving us signals?

A lot of you wonder why people even bother sharing their crypto signals with others. There are several reasons why it is profitable. First of all, if they gather enough subscribers, the people who share cryptocurrency predictions will earn times more thanks to the subscribers. What’s more, they also reduce the chance of losing all money if one of the predictions is wrong. We need to remember that the accuracy of legitimate crypto signals providers ranges between 80-90%. It means that there is a small chance that once in a while the signal may not be as profitable as some people think. In this way they reduce the risk and at the same time increase profits.


As you can see, the best way to deal with FUD and FOMO is to simply focus on finding the right signals providers. Of course you can always spend your time and make your own research. Thanks to that you will be able to control your investments. It will also depend on your decisions. If; however, you think that signals may be useful, we highly encourage you to use one of the signal providers. Thanks to that there will be no more problems with Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt and you will never Feel of Missing Out! In case of any questions regarding FUD, FOMO, or crypto signals that help you erase a problem, we encourage you to contact us!