Do you want to know what the best paid crypto signals are? If you have been wondering what the differences between paid signals and those available in the Internet for free are, then we have got a great information for you. Today we would like to provide you with essential data regarding these two options. The most important difference is, obviously, the quality of received information. However, we should also remember about the skills, the sense of the market, as well as the knowledge of the industry.

Paid or free crypto signals - what to choose and use

It often happens that signal groups that offer us free membership are built only to gather large group of recipients, and then encourage them to switch into payable subscription. In order to do that, we can notice the use of several special methods. One of the best examples is the manipulation of screenshots or opinions of other customers. However, the most important element of such manipulation resolves around shared signals which, in reality, never appeared on the paid crypto signals channel. If you choose such group, you will unfortunately end up with low quality services and the lack of any help whatsoever. And this is not the reason why you searched for such group in the first place.

Even our team got caught in such fakes at the beginning of our crypto adventure. Now, we can notice that most of them were simply dust and ashes. The more knowledge we gathered, the more we learned about the real services of signalizing. Interestingly, we managed to learn everything we know thanks to creating several crypto quality signals groups. It is essential for you to understand that the difference is colossal and definitely noticeable, even for the biggest cryptocurrency newbie. If you decide to join free crypto signals group, you have to watch out on the following scam practices:

  • Massages forwarded from “VIP” channels. In most cases they present profits that range from several dozen up to hundreds of percent! Do you want to know how it works? A selected group creates dozens of VIP channels, where they spam hundreds of signals a day. If one of these groups gain large profits… guess which result will be shown on a free group.
  • Screens of satisfied customers from Telegram conversations. This practice makes us giggle the most. The only thing a person needs to carry on with this scam is two different Telegram accounts. Believe us, we are using plenty of channels and we are satisfied with the outcome we receive. Nevertheless, we have never talked with the owner. If it is running great, then more people come and more profits appear. The owner perfectly realizes that.
  • The information about time-limited possibility to join “Special Crypto Signals Group”. Usually, this scam starts from receiving a message that looks like that: “We are opening a VIP channel for 10 minutes. This is your last chance to join”. Do you know why this kind of scam is applied? The owners of such channel creates the entire network of groups, so you can ultimately think that they are completely unique and work separately. In this way, you will choose one of the “VIP” channels and pay for a subscription.
  • Package discounts like an 80%-90% OFF. This is impossible for a group that offers “great quality” and “knowledge” to reduce prices so drastically. It is understandable to find legitimate groups with 30% discounts. But not more. If you find a group that offers a discount that is higher than 30%-40%, then this is most likely a scam.
  • Telegram has recently added a new functionality to the application. It definitely makes our life much easier. Next to the name of the channel, we may notice a “SCAM” signature. It appears only if the group is fake. Thanks Telegram!
  • There is one more thing you should be aware of. The group that possesses more than 150 000 users cannot be viewed by several hundred or several thousands of users. In this way, we can see whether the group has been purchasing users in specialized markets. They usually do it in order to increase its alleged legitimacy. Based on our experience, good and honest channel receives up to 50% views from the users due to inactivity. Any number that is below of that suggests that selected free crypto signals provider is a fake.

So, is it worth to pay for the best paid crypto signals? To us, it is definitely worth to try them out. This is also the reason why we are investigating the activity of selected groups – just to make sure that they are great and to distinguish the ones worth recommending from the rest. We are doing everything we can in order to specify the level of knowledge, the quality of signals, and the behaviour regarding many fluctuations that happen on the market. Noteworthy is also the element of customer service of the given channel. If they know their stuff and can help in explaining technical issue, then it is yet another good indication. Truth to be told, this is our favourite test before we join any subscription. We always ask for things that typical crypto-currency expert should know without any cheat sheets. If it all fits, then we try it out, we test it, and then we describe everything in our ranking of the best crypto signal groups. In this way we specify whether we reached one of the legit bitcoin investment sites.