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Polkastarter has achieved quite a significant popularity as a project. Its cryptocurrency is rising quite fast and there is nothing that can stop it. Why? It is all due to the introduction of an interoperability feature to this DeFi project. This idea is one of the most popular ones in the crypto world and not without a reason. Polkadot is one of the latest innovative methods that has reorganized this decentralized network of crypto economy. This is the reason why Polkastarter is storming the market of digital currencies. But what can we say about this project itself?

Just like many others, Polkastarter is a platform with decentralized features. However, it is a cross-chain decentralized exchange, known as DEX. It uses the Polkadot system with token pools and auctions. This platform allows authors to present their own upcoming crypto projects and, as a result of crowdfunding launchpad, they can raise their own capital and even create whole communities, where people can share their ideas, feedback, and other crucial information.

The thing that makes Polkastarter unique is the introduction of the afore-mentioned interoperability. It also guarantees the liquidity of Ethereum and many other major blockchains. Also, we should remember about scaling solutions, which are present in the Polkadot ecosystem. To put it simply, every user that decides to use this project as a means of transaction will experience incredibly fast payment with minor, almost non-existent fees.

Interestingly, the Polkastarter achieved a complete decentralization as a result of the introducing a fully open-source protocol. It allows for the existence of a permissionless environment. It means that there can be multiple developers that implement the core framework of the Polkastarter's core just to create and then sell fixed token auctions.

What do we know about the currency itself?

POLS token is the platform's main token. It has several uses. First of all, as in the case of almost all other digital currencies, we can use it to pay for transactions and for fees. More importantly, the POLS token will be available to govern the community. It is a part of the Polkastarter Council for Governance and in order to become a member of this council, you need to own 5% of the total supply of Polkastarter Tokens.

We should also remember about the fact that these tokens are essential for obtaining token pools that are only available in early or limited access. As of 2020, there are 55,600,000 tokens already minted. It is 55,6% of the total number, because the authors prepared 100,000,000 POLS tokens in general. Interestingly, there are only 22,500,000 tokens committed to liquidity.

Launchpad tools as the biggest advantage of Polkastarter

There are many different projects that involve Polkastarter. However, in order to distinguish the top-performing ones from the rest, we decided to prepare an abbreviated list with all the attractive conceptions that may influence the shape and the value of the Polkastarter and its tokens the most.


In order to create a non-depreciating currency, it is important to remain the purchasing power and make sure that all the possible inflation impacts will be reduced to minimum. This is what the cryptocurrency project of MahaDAO is all about. It is going to be based on the set of assets that are highly diverse and anti-correlated. Thanks to that, the financial inclusion will increase.

ARTH is going to be a currency based on a decentralized algorithm thanks to which the possible currency debasements, inflations, and other forms of depreciations will be heavily limited.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization, known as DAO, is going to establish a cooperation with the Polkastarter concept in order to govern the decentralized protocols. The entire process of creating a fully-decentralized digital currency is full of errors and inaccurate assumptions. It is all because of many governance tokens that quite often move away from the idea of decentralization. This is when SpiderDAO comes in.

In order to get rid of problems of the modern DAO frameworks, it is important to introduce a multi-layered governance system. This system would be responsible for introducing a new, robust DAOs thanks to which all the previously mentioned issues would be solved. Importantly, this new system would be much more secure and easy to build. This is the idea of SpiderDAO.


This particular platform is something especially prepared for the fans of the gaming industry. Exceedme's purpose is to become the most reliable tournament platform that will take the advantage of every single piece of blockchain technology and then use it in the gaming industry. Interestingly, it is an option that facilitates both the developers and gamers. The authors' goal is to create the clearest and most transparent "play-to-earn" model.

The platform would be used to make titles for players. The more players play, the more they win cryptocurrency prizes or tokens. As you can guess, there would also be a possibility to participate in tournaments. All these things require an XED token. Interestingly, there are many different IT academies that help you understand how game development on these blockchains work.

How does the future look like Polkastarter? Summary and conclusion

At the beginning of 2021, Polkastarter was not ready for the introduction of smart contracts. It is the result of the fairly new and not prepared Polkadot blockchain technology. As a result, the authors came up with two different phases of growth.

Before the introduction of the real project, Phase 1 predicts the launch of a fully-functioning prototype that will be available on the Ethereum blockchain. There, the users can utilize the already fixed auction pools in order to pay a predetermined fixed number of either ETH or POLS for the tokens. There will be many different restrictions as far as the concept is concerned, but in this way the creators can obtain feedback and figure out the next steps of development.

Another phase will be split into 2 parts, where we will notice the start of the mainnet version 2.0. This time, it would happen on Polkadot blockchain. With this change, Polkadot will enable the multi-chain token pools with the use of DOT tokens. The second part of Phase 2 will focus mostly on one of the most important features of Polkastarter, namely interoperability. It will guarantee much easier token swaps with the largest cryptocurrencies on the market. It will also facilitate USDT bridge chains.

With the introduction of such a large number of new technologies and features to a cryptoworld, POLS Tokens and Polkastarter will surely change the way we perceive the crypto market. It is also important to notice that thanks to faster and much cheaper transactions, the project will be attractive for a specific group of users. At the same time we need to remember about a high level of liquidity, which is connected with many other blockchains simultaneously.