The use of a special type of crypto predictions allowed plenty of people to earn substantial amounts of money by simply following the suggestions of others. These suggestions are known as crypto calls and because of their rising popularity, everyone wants to use them to their own advantage.

Crypto calls – what are those and how to use them?

The times when traders had to spend a lot of time doing research, analysing statistics, and browsing through pages of history that could relate to the current situation of the given cryptocurrency are long gone. There has been a lot of groups that offer crypto alerts. Thanks to them, we don’t have to spend dozens of hours on determining which cryptocurrency will rise and which will fall.

Interestingly, the latest changes in terms of the behaviour of cryptocurrency may suggest that everyday Joes and Sunday traders won’t be able to profit larger amounts. This is the reason why so many people are looking for special crypto signals. This article will briefly introduce you to this idea and show what, by definition, this is all about.

What are crypto calls?

By definition, crypto calls are simply guides that a verified and very experienced trader provides to everyone who joined a particular group. These instructions can offer many information. However, the most important ones regard four categories:

  • The crypto you need to buy: The crypto signals provide you with a list of specific cryptocurrencies you should buy. These can be BTC, XRP, BAT, ETH, LSK, etc;
  • The buying price: The value you should be buying the cryptocurrency in question;
  • The selling price: The value by which you should close the deal and sell target for the purpose of making a profit;
  • Stop loss: A stop loss value, which is a mechanism that protects some of the money you invested from being lost.

Interestingly, many crypto predictions providers give us a specific division on short term, medium term, and long term targets. In that way we can apply a variety of strategies that will allow us to maximize profits and at the same time minimize potential losses. Check how to use crypto calls also known as crypto signals.

Where do we find appropriate crypto alerts?

At this moment there are several methods thanks to which you can acquire crypto alerts. First of all, we should remember about using specially prepared application known as Telegram. It is an app very similar to Messenger and many other messaging service software. There, we can find a lot of interesting and, importantly, unique features Thanks to them Telegram is a great tool for not only communicating purposes, but also joining specially prepared groups. One of the features worth noting is the functionality to program and setup a bot.

We can use bots on Telegram to program special actions or even send messages automatically. Since users can issue a command and send messages to multiple users at once, it is possible to create groups. In other words, we can create a program for these bots to send people crypto signals. Interestingly, there is even a possibility to automate the process of applying said crypto tip without entering the exchange in the first place! It is obvious that before we can make use of all these features, we have to make the right setup and receive all the permissions. Once we solve all these issues, it will be possible to open and close new positions without leaving Telegram.

Noteworthy is the fact that besides Telegram, we can also make use of special groups. These are signal groups that provide us with crypto calls with the use of variety of channels, communication apps, and servers. There are even pages, where you can register and enjoy large reports regarding particular tips of the day.

To make sure that you always find the right group with crypto alerts, we spend a lot of our time on gathering information and using our cryptocurrency-oriented knowledge in order to analyse every single group available out there. Since we know how many fake groups appear, we try to keep you away from the ones that may be fake. To do that, we create rankings with the most interesting groups out there. Thanks to that, we get rid of all suspicious channels and leave you with the best.

Although there are both free and pay to see channels, we try to find the best of each category and eliminate those that can’t offer high quality and high accuracy tips. Thanks to that, you can use only the legitimate ones and enjoy great profits in no time.

Useful tips as far as crypto calls are concerned

It is important to know that in order to follow some of the crypto predictions, it is mandatory to have an account on a specific cryptocurrency exchange. Although it seems like a problem, most of the calls concern the most popular exchanges, namely Binance, BitMex, Bittrex, and Coinbase. For this reason, we recommend checking these calls to see which exchanges they are based on. Every single market offers different values. Though they are usually marginal, in some cases these differences may appear to be crucial when it comes to earning from particular tip.